Dictionaries and language apps may have picked “vaxxed,” “variant,” and “languishing” as their buzzwords of 2021, but for us it was “employee experience.”

After years of discussing employee engagement, advocacy, and satisfaction, why did employee experience suddenly become the phrase on everybody’s lips?

Obviously, the main catalyst was Covid. The pandemic accelerated remote working by a handful of years. This was positive for some because it meant that many organizations were able to…

Intranet software has proven critical for keeping organizations connected and engaged through the challenges of the last two years. What better way to utilize your intranet to end the year on a high with these creative holiday comms ideas perfect for hybrid, fully remote, and full-time office-based workers?

The holiday…

Many organizations achieved stability in 2021, but unpredictability has re-emerged as a major theme heading into 2022. With this in mind, collaboration and communications tools that enable the hybrid workforce to function look set to stay. If you’re planning your 2022 communications strategy, make sure you have access to these essential digital workplace tools.

Of all the changes accelerated by the global pandemic, the emergence of remote and hybrid workforce models may be one that stands the test of time. Many employees are keen to retain the flexibility that technologies have supported so far, but fully remote work may not yet be the solution.


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