Engage employees with these 6 examples of co-creation

Co-creation can drive employee satisfaction

The essential guide to internal communications

What is co-creation and how does it encourage innovation?

Successful examples of companies using employee co-creation

1. The McDonald’s happy meal

The essential guide to internal communications

2. Amazon Prime

3. Ford’s on-the-go H2O

4. Unilever invites innovation

The essential guide to internal communications

5. Xerox goes green

6. Sodexo’s Innov’Hub

How you can promote co-creation and intrapreneurship

  • Structured online platforms — As enterprises have grow to span multiple countries, languages, and time zones, software platforms that facilitate idea sharing and internal communication have also gained momentum. These platforms vary from crowdsourcing programs to intranet software. The advantage of using your intranet for this process, however, is that all employees have access (via web, responsive, and mobile app), anyone can begin conversations via blogs, forums, discussions, and everything can be translated into multiple languages automatically.
  • Personal connections — When people are accessible and visible throughout an organization, it’s easier to connect and make suggestions. To help employees get to know each other, fully completed intranet user profiles can cover everything from basic information to more in-depth info on expertise, interests, and ideas. To make these profiles extra powerful, give users the ability to find colleagues they don’t know through an enterprise search tool that indexes user profiles too.
  • Enabling feedback — Co-creation relies on regularly asking employees for their feedback. This can take place across many business interactions but a key one is simple pulse surveys which allow you to reduce lengthy engagement surveys to single questions. Pulse surveys can be placed on intranet landing pages, so visiting employees are encouraged to give their high-level thoughts in a simple, prominent way. Whether the process produces the next Amazon Prime or not, it can increase the visibility of co-creation initiatives and further supplement intrapreneurship.




Interact is a complete intranet solution that connects enterprises all over the world. We power internal communications.

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Interact is a complete intranet solution that connects enterprises all over the world. We power internal communications.

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