ESG engagement tips for internal communicators

What are the barriers to ESG engagement?

  • Busy employees are more likely to skip internal comms that don’t command their attention or give them a sense of urgency when they are focusing on pressing tasks.
  • Some employees may feel that they lack the time, skills, or money to get involved in initiatives. This is a perception issue that can be overcome with a clear and straightforward explanation of what’s required in your internal comms around the initiative.
  • Proximity bias can be a common issue in organizations with remote workers who may feel excluded from in-person and group activities. This requires organizations to provide a range of ideas and options that allow dispersed employees to take part in ways that work for them.
  • Employees with no previous experience in ESG engagement could be less likely to participate.
  • Social anxiety can prevent some employees from engaging in group activities.
  • Top-down internal comms can be less effective for some segments of the workforce, such as frontline workers who are typically more receptive to horizontal comms from co-workers. This can make them feel more inspired by the actions and enthusiasm of others in the organization rather than feeling pushed to take part by leadership.

How to drive ESG engagement through internal comms

1. Is your ESG communications strategy reaching every employee?

2. Are your comms being tailored for specific audiences?

3. Are you facilitating two-way conversations?

4. Are you shouting about the benefits and broadcasting your achievements?

Reducing ESG risk in your organization



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