How to compare the best intranet platforms

  • Some are more suited to SMBs, others to enterprise level.
  • Some products rely on SharePoint, others are independent packaged solutions.
  • Some products have basic functionalities, others provide more advanced features.
  • Some vendors are relatively new to the market, others have proven track records.
  • Some are able to reach deskless workers more easily than others.
  • Some have strong experience with healthcare or financial services organizations, for example.

Planning & deploying a successful intranet

Independent advice on the best intranet platforms

  • Software comparison sites (e.g., G2 and Capterra).
  • User review sites (e.g., SoftwareReviews).
  • Global consultancies (e.g., Forrester and Gartner).

1. Content production and management features

  • How does the system make it easy for communicators to produce engaging internal content?
  • Can you communicate via the intranet to channels such as email, Teams, and Slack?
  • Can employees personalize how they receive communications?

Planning & deploying a successful intranet

2. Customization and design options

  • Can the platform be branded and designed to make it reflect the style and culture of the company using it?
  • How does the platform make the user experience easy and enjoyable for all employees?
  • Does the product support design templates that non-developers can create, share, and reuse?

3. Data storage, search, and integrations

  • How does your intranet ensure that content is stored, updated, and accessed effectively?
  • How does your system use metadata to improve content visibility and management?
  • Does your platform’s search tool work with different content types, languages, and content repositories?

Planning & deploying a successful intranet

4. Vendor information

  • Where does your experience lie and what differentiates you as a company?
  • How do you plan for the future?
  • What professional services do you offer to support customer success?

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Interact is a complete intranet solution that connects enterprises all over the world. We power internal communications.

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Interact is a complete intranet solution that connects enterprises all over the world. We power internal communications.

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