Promoting physical wellbeing in your hybrid workforce

The impact of hybrid working on physical employee health and wellbeing

  • 60% of employees have reduced their mobility by over 50% since they started working remotely
  • 24% of employees never leave their home on a typical remote workday
  • While experts recommend 8,000 steps per day, nearly half of remote workers take fewer than 1,000
  • 78% are concerned about the long-term health consequences of getting less exercise during the working day

Physical exercise initiatives for the hybrid workplace

  • Weekly or monthly runs where people set out at the same time and run for the same distance or length of time, then share their results with each other. This can also be replicated with walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Virtual yoga, pilates, and workout sessions via Zoom. Employees working from corporate premises can join from a communal space, remote workers from their home, and, importantly everybody can take part together.
  • For remote workers, or employees who choose to work from home some of the week, a fake commute is not just an effective way to separate their home and work life, but an opportunity to take exercise before work, after work, or both.
  • Virtual health fairs that feature sessions from external health and wellbeing experts, as well as talks from employees who are enthusiastic advocates of activities others can get involved in.

Promoting physical wellbeing initiatives to your hybrid workforce

Empower wellbeing advocates to inspire others

Build digital communities for health and wellbeing

Inspire action with attention-grabbing homepage posts

Anchor all relevant content and information to a dedicated wellbeing space

Gamify the experience

A lifeline for lagging employees



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